Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Shite Sharleen Spiteri - All The Times I Cried

Youtube Video

This gets an automatic SHITE for not allowing me to embed it! So i'll embed the incredibly bland Texas - Say What You Want so you understand what sort of music Sharleen (sounds like a feckin' pikey!) sings!

This song has one of those talk shite over the music videos.... which actually helps as the tune itself is so BLAND and BORING I'll talk about the video instead!
It has people auditioning for some sort of role in France or something and Sharleen is talking on the phone saying she can't do it anymore.......... presumably its a relationship or something but who gives a fuck?

So some Jarvis Cocker lookalike is speaking french *YAWN* as we go through different auditions until Sharleen gets on and BANG! she loses the coat she was wearing and the background turns all flashy! She seems to have modeled herself on the fucking styling of Kelly Osbourne!
And that's it.... the video ends....... and your left feeling you want your 3 minutes 28 seconds back!

Also of note sharleenspiterimusic has tagged the video "halo say what you want" which are the biggest hits of the Bland Texas to try and get more views!

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