Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Good The Associates - Party Fears Two

I would normally hate this stuff... pretentious 80's crap, but i just cant!

The lead singer shuffle dances like Rick Astley, and sings like an opera singer!
yet i still can't hate it! Its too good a tune!

From the very beginning it hooks you in, the keyboard accompanied by that great bass line just hold you... then he starts to sing!

I'll have a shower
And then phone my brother up
Within the hour
I'll smash another cup
Please don't start saying that
Or I'll start believing you
If I start believing you
I'll know that this party fears two

And what if this party fears two?
The alcohol loves you while turning you blue
View it from here
From closer to near
Awake me

Don't turn around
I won't have to look at you
And what's not found
Is all that I see in you
My manners are failing me
I'm left feeling ugly
And you say it's wonderful
To live with I never will

So what if this party fears two?
The alcohol loves you while turning you blue
View it from here
From closer to near
Awake me

I'm standing still
And you say I dress too well
Still standing still
I might but it's hard to tell
Even a slight remark
Makes nonsense and turns to shark
Have I done something wrong?
What's wrong's the wrong that's always in wrong

I'll have a shower
And then phone my brother up
Within the hour
I'll smash another cup

What the fuck is he talking about? I don't care though! I just love this tune!

i love it so much i'm posting another video of it on dutch tv!

Monday, 22 September 2008

Fucking Shite! The Feeling - Without You

God this is awful awful shite that people try and pass of as music today.
Not only that, the shitey record label (Island) refuse to let me embed the video! So fuck them I'll embed the video that someone else uploaded and link their shitey official video.

You should think yourself lucky that i wasn't allowed to embed the awful video! I'll describe it so you dont have to!
It starts with some gormless looking lad being examined for something by doctors. About halfway through you realise its about a cosmonaut and that's about it! Waste of time and money!
but why a cosmonaut? I've no fucking idea!
The Lyrics are worse though.
Why the fuck do they "Wonder what the time is in London?" look at a fucking clock and work it out!
Don't repeat it every single fucking verse! Pure shite lyrics!
Wonder what the time is in London
Wonder what the time is in London
Wonder what the time is in London
Wonder what the news is in London
Wonder if they miss me in London (NO! STAY THE FUCK AWAY)
Wonder what the time is in London

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr shut the fuck up about London!
For some reason they also link this song to some retard in Virginia shooting students!

"I know I'm not the only lonely child
Thirty dead and one teenage gun man
I wonder what the time is in London"

How fucking lame and self centered are they? oh look loads of people dead but hey i wonder what the time is in London!
Fuck off!

and this is a "BRIT award-nominated British band" pathetic shite! I demand to know Who nominated them so they can be sent to Afghanistan to be shot! Thankfully most of the public agree as "Without You" reached a dizzying Chart Position of 52! even when the song was on BBC Radio 2's A List, meaning it received around 20 plays each week, yet still failed to reach the top 40!

To think of the number of bands out there that are desperate for some recognition never mind a record deal!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Shite Kid Rock - All Summer Long

I approach this video not knowing much about Kid Rock, apart from the fact he pumped Pamela Anderson.
So about the video.... i can see it now..... Mr "Rock" sitting with the record executives.
"Rock": i need a new song....
Executives: how about a cover of Sweet Home Alabama? That's not been about for a small while....
"Rock": PERFECT!

And that's all this is really a cover of a song from the 70's with different lyrics and a slightly different beat.
Its ridiculous that people feel the need to buy this shite when they could get the perfectly good original, and according to wikipedia people are! Since Kid Rock's release, the original song has charted in the UK charts at number 44.
Brilliant! oh and if you don't want to pay $0.99 for a DRM'd shitty download head to your local charity/record shop where I'm sure you'll be able to find an album from Lynyrd Skynyrd containing this amongst other great tunes like Free Bird (will probably cover it later!)

So overall fuck Kid Rock go give your money direct to Lynyrd Skynyrd!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Good Gil Scott-Heron -The Bottle

Gil Scott-Heron is a genius! He probably should have taken the message in this song as not just for the bottle, but for the crack pipe as well!

Your Music Is.... Trivia: Gil Scott-Heron's Dad, Giles "Gil" Heron (nicknamed "The Black Arrow") was a Jamaican football player who, in the 1950s, was the first ever black player to play for Glasgow's Celtic Football Club.

Along with Brian Jackson he created this masterpiece! That's some funky flute playing! All tunes need a funky Bass player and a flute over the top! Its essential!

Let's hope Gil can stop snorting the Coke and get back to writing some great tunes...

I suspect we'll see Gil here again at some point as he does have a huge back catalog!

Okay So Solid Crew - 21 seconds

A band that had shitloads of Members....
The Twins, Oxide & Neutrino, Synth & Exodus, Oxide, Neutrino, Synth, Exodus, Megaman, Michael Harvey, MC Romeo, Lisa Maffia, Asher D, Statix, Dan Da Man, Kaish, Face, Swiss, Scat D, Trigger, AC Burell, JD, Mr. Arika, Kowdean, D-Murda, Money, TW7, Mac, Gillard, PDS, Timeless, Tiger S, Thug Angel, Mr. C, Mr. Shabz, Double R, G-Man
and breathe!!!!!!!!!!

Too many cooks do spoil the broth i think! I think half of them are in jail now too! Playin' Gangster doesn't work in the UK as the police will just arrest you!

So to the song..... 21 seconds to go........ i think they gave every member 21 seconds to record a wee bit.... the chorus is a bit shit too.......... but overall i'd say 21 seconds is okay.

Shite Sharleen Spiteri - All The Times I Cried

Youtube Video

This gets an automatic SHITE for not allowing me to embed it! So i'll embed the incredibly bland Texas - Say What You Want so you understand what sort of music Sharleen (sounds like a feckin' pikey!) sings!

This song has one of those talk shite over the music videos.... which actually helps as the tune itself is so BLAND and BORING I'll talk about the video instead!
It has people auditioning for some sort of role in France or something and Sharleen is talking on the phone saying she can't do it anymore.......... presumably its a relationship or something but who gives a fuck?

So some Jarvis Cocker lookalike is speaking french *YAWN* as we go through different auditions until Sharleen gets on and BANG! she loses the coat she was wearing and the background turns all flashy! She seems to have modeled herself on the fucking styling of Kelly Osbourne!
And that's it.... the video ends....... and your left feeling you want your 3 minutes 28 seconds back!

Also of note sharleenspiterimusic has tagged the video "halo say what you want" which are the biggest hits of the Bland Texas to try and get more views!

Okay OK Go - Here It Goes Again

39,084,219 hits! Everybody knows the video by now but is the song any good? It's okay but certainly nothing special... standard run of the mill rock by numbers tune.
The guitar riff is slightly familiar but i can't place it right now.
The singing is okay but the vocalist doesn't stand out to me and the song its self isn't great!
There is NO guitar solo to speak of in this Rock tune and that is just not acceptable in this day and age!
The tune just doesn't go anywhere and ends just like that.
NOT GOOD ENOUGH! They should leave the gym and write some better songs!
Famous only because of their video i think!

Good! Nitin Sawhney - Days of Fire (feat Natty)

Starts of a bit slow but picks up and hits you... i enjoyed the simple guitar riff and the way the "singer" starts to rhyme and the tune picks up with a nice wee beat in the background! This is a good tune and i like it. It deserves recognition!