Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Okay So Solid Crew - 21 seconds

A band that had shitloads of Members....
The Twins, Oxide & Neutrino, Synth & Exodus, Oxide, Neutrino, Synth, Exodus, Megaman, Michael Harvey, MC Romeo, Lisa Maffia, Asher D, Statix, Dan Da Man, Kaish, Face, Swiss, Scat D, Trigger, AC Burell, JD, Mr. Arika, Kowdean, D-Murda, Money, TW7, Mac, Gillard, PDS, Timeless, Tiger S, Thug Angel, Mr. C, Mr. Shabz, Double R, G-Man
and breathe!!!!!!!!!!

Too many cooks do spoil the broth i think! I think half of them are in jail now too! Playin' Gangster doesn't work in the UK as the police will just arrest you!

So to the song..... 21 seconds to go........ i think they gave every member 21 seconds to record a wee bit.... the chorus is a bit shit too.......... but overall i'd say 21 seconds is okay.

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