Monday, 9 February 2009

Good: Material Issue - Valerie Loves Me

Before reviewing this song can i just say how much i fucking HATE UMG(Universal Music Group)!
I am promoting a tune that they own here but they make me go through hoops trying to find a video of this tune i can embed! Not only that they seemed to be a contributing cause to the suicide of the lead singer of this song. See Wikipedia for more info

The fucking cunts are pestering YouTube users for uploading videos with UMG songs in them..... but they seem to be forgetting that these people are the FANS of the tunes and artists! These are the same people who are PROMOTING their songs which in turn should eventually result in increased radio play ($$$ for UMG) increased CD sales ($$$ for UMG) and other band related things ($$$ for UMG)

Why can't i watch a music video here in Argentina? i could watch it if i was in the UK or the US but not here..... WHY? it makes no fucking sense!

Anyway enough ranting i just hope that UMG fails to survive the economic crisis and a company with someone who isn't an idiot old geezer at the helm gets the rights to their artists songs!

ok about the song

What a song!

I'd never heard it before today and i'm blown away!
its GREAT! it has a catchy riff and great lyrics! then BANG! its like the Pixies have taken over the song... this should have been a hit in 91 when it was released....
apparently it peaked at #3 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. Whatever the fuck they are! someone at UMG must not be doing their job correctly when a song this good didn't make it worldwide..... who knows maybe if they had done their job the band would be around now and Jim Ellison the singer wouldn't have committed suicide.....

Valerie's dancing, in the room above my bed you know
For all of the world below to see
Valerie's leaving, in a car outside my house you know
Its such a shame she's not with me and all the pretty things
And all the love my heart would bring
I would give my whole life to her

Valerie loves me

Valerie's riding, in a car around my neighborhood
She's thinking of all the men she'll meet
I could only hope for a stolen moment of her thoughts
Between the walk to the club and all the drinks she'll have
In a crowded room where everybody leaves too soon
I only hope that she remembers me

Valerie loves me

Valerie loves me

Valerie's lonely, in an apartment down the street you know
And her hair has turned so grey
But she's so happy, for the memories she has you know
She can believe in the day when love was on a string
And she could have that anything she ever wanted
But she cant have me

Valerie loves me

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